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I am a digital content writer with over ten years of experience in the marketing field. I specialize in content marketing, editorial strategy, social media, self-improvement, lifestyle, but I am proficient in writing health and fitness subjects.

Below are some of my recent best health related blog posts.

Avocado Oil Is Boon for The Skin

In this post you will learn how avocado is useful not only for health but also for the skin. The benefits of avocado oil are given in this blog.

Know the Advantage & Disadvantage of Running on the Treadmill

Most people use treadmills for running, but just as treadmills have its advantages, but also its side effects. You will learn the explanation of the Advantages as well as Disadvantages of Running on the Treadmill.

Onion - Best Remedy for All Hair Problems

We all know how beneficial onion is for hair. But naturally you will learn how to make onion juice and how to use it and how to apply it on hair.

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Besides blogging and online writing, I love spending my time in an armchair reading books and novels. I also love traveling to new places and enjoy my weekend parties with my family and friends.

Alina Morgan
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