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The Ruff Start Team

The founders.


DJ Tj - The Party Paramedic


Tj Started DJing 30 years ago with the Electric Dreamz disco. After playing on a net radio station, he realised that he wanted more from DJing. He wanted to play live and give others the opportunity of doing the same. After chatting to DJ Cool-E, they realised they wanted the same. Ruff Start Radio was born.


DJ Cool-E


Cool-E has been into music from the early days of the rave scene in the 90's. He fancied being a DJ after seeing a mate spinning tunes on a set of 1210s but didn't get the chance until relatively recently. Now an international DJ playing on the same station and having the same vision as Tj, he co-founded Ruff Start Radio.

The Ambassadors

At Ruff Start, we believe in encouraging the people that make the station work - the DJs. To do this we have geographical ambassadors, someone who is a point of contact for DJs in that region. These people are mentors to the DJs and station controllers. These are the owners go to people in times of trouble!


DJ Auld

US Ambassador.

Auld started dancing in clubs in 1977 and started DJing in 2018 - you can do the maths! She was introduced to internet radio by Tj and they have stayed in touch since. Auld's eclectic multi-genre approach and overall professional commitment to DJing made her the obvious choice for US Ambassador for Ruff Start Radio. She's looking out for emerging new talent who want to develop their skills and increase their exposure - Ruff Diamonds turning into musical gems!

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