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Listen to us here.

Live from the Ruff Start Radio studios.

Ruff Start Radio, giving DJs opportunities. If you love dance music - listen here. If you're a DJ and want to get playing live, you can contact us on the contact us link below. 

Ruff Start Radio, Creating musical gems from Ruff Diamonds. 


Welcome to Ruff Start Radio

Creating Musical Gems from Ruff Diamonds

DJ Tj and DJ Cool-E met while DJing on an online station. They realised they loved playing live and they wanted to play louder and to live gigs, so they came up with the Ruff Start Radio concept. 

Our motto is 'Creating musical gems from Ruff Diamonds' and we want to give DJs and gig technicians the opportunity to play live gigs. We introduce them to playing at a scheduled time, on the radio, then streaming live, then creating opportunities to play live gigs.


Contact us below to see how we can turn your ruff diamond into a musical gem!

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